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"CharityHowTo is the leader in cutting edge charity strategies and the art of the Pivot!" Melissa Baker, Hope 4 Kids International
“CharityHowTo knows how to convey effective and easy to incorporate tips and tricks that won’t leave you overwhelmed or asking “how?” but instead gives you the confidence to implement them… immediately!” Glynis Braun, Girls on the Run
“CharityHowTo provides the skills that many non-profits don’t have time to develop on their own. Thank you!” Carson Mitchell, Florida Conservation Voters
“CharityHowTo has done such a great job adding value to our campaigns for fundraising that it has replaced local “experts.” I am pleased to say we have saved a lot of money and are communicating better with our donor community. Thank you, CharityHowTo!” Dean Hahn, Iron Academy
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Rania Mustafa

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Lena Jaffe

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“If you or you organization needs to develop ways to increase giving, look no further than considering CharityHowTo. From the registration process all the way to the completion of the webinar, the transition was smooth and worry-free. The content was presented clearly, just as important the resources given afterward will be useful. We now have a better understanding of what it will take to develop, implement our monthly giving program and to sustain it.” Alexander Arceo, Southeast Seattle Senior Center
“CharityHowTo does a great job of all-killer-no-filler — presenters are knowledgeable and focus on imparting practical knowledge in an easily absorbed form.” Alex Bennet
“I just attended my first CharityHowTo Webinar and I was very impressed with the quality of the content, the visuals and the speaker. This was a high-quality educational experience that provided very useful information for us to use in promoting our nonprofit and raising funds for the first hospice house for the terminally ill homeless on the West Coast!” Marlene Fitzwater, The Health Communication Research Institute
“The presentation from CharityHowTo was extremely relevant and sincere, not just a text book. The presenters have first hand knowledge on the topic they present. They are easy to relate too. Great group of professionals!” Laurie Pinover, PARC
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Amber Lawrence

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Joe DeFerrari

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