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How it works

Participating is easy! You don't need fancy equipment; just a regular smartphone or computer, decent lighting, clear sound, and your own words. You can also use our app to record when you click the "Click Here to Record or Submit Your Video" button.



Creativity is welcome! Choose any location to record your video, invite a coworker to join you, or even invite your entire office to make an appearance in the video... it's up to you!

Once you submit your video, you’ll receive a free gift certificate via email that you can use toward any CharityHowTo premium webinar!

We will choose 3 videos at random to receive a ONE YEAR Gold Membership Subscription for FREE!

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Tips to Creating the Best Video Possible:

  • Videos can be as short as :15 sec or as long as 5 min. 

  • Record your video in landscape mode (turn your phone on its side).

  • Make sure to have your light source in front of you (it's harder to see you when you're "backlit").
  • Avoid recording in an area with a lot of background noise.

  • Try propping your smartphone or WebCam on your desk or somewhere it will be steady.

  • We'd love to use your video no matter what time of year it is! Please don't include comments on the season, weather, current social or political events, or anything that could make your video become dated.

Video Talking Points:

Required Talking Points:
  • Who are you (job title optional) and what organization are you with?

  • What do you think of the quality of CharityHowTo trainings / courses?

  • How has the CharityHowTo webinar you viewed helped you or your nonprofit?
Optional Talking Points:
  • How have CharityHowTo's webinars/courses helped you in your career or job/work?

  • What would you say to your nonprofit colleagues about CharityHowTo?

  • What would you say to someone thinking of purchasing one of our premium webinars for the first time?

  • What makes us different from other companies that provide education for nonprofit professionals online?
  • How would you describe your overall CharityHowTo experience (i.e., attending a webinar, registering, viewing your On-Demand webinar recording, slides and bonus materials, our CharityHowTo library, etc.) ?

  • You could also talk about our topic experts, the webinars you’ve attended, or any other information you want to share regarding your experience with CharityHowTo or the work that you and your organization do. 

    Thank you for choosing CharityHowTo! 


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